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How To Select Best Microwave Oven For Kitchen?

There is no doubt that invention of a microwave oven nothing less than that of a blessing as you can have delicious mouth-watering yummy meals right from the comfort of your kitchen, office, workplace etc.   With microwave oven and few ingredients on you can have one or two good meals sounds exciting, right?

Just so you know all microwave ovens aren’t created equal. What matters is which is best as per your needs and requirements? Stay tuned to find out more on this!

What are the most common uses for microwaves?

You can defrost with oven
Easily warm the meals or to reheat them
You can cook delicious meals in no time
To pop your popcorn kernels
Yes, you can also grill
To roast (needs a convection function for best result)
Basic backing

It all depends upon the model you buy, a microwave oven can: Brown, roast, and barbecue foods like a systematic oven; get ready exact formulas using a pre-modified touch keypad; it cooks an entire meal without overheating your kitchen; so, stop when a device chooses the food is over. What features should to your new microwave oven offer? In this post, we’ll help you choose the unit that best fits your necessities and life. We’ll similarly examine guessing and critical things to ask before making any purchasing decision. Looking for microwave repair in Los Angeles? Go to Ameripro Appliance Repair website and make a call or fill the online form.

The convection microwave comes with a heating element and fan to circulate the heated air. It speeds up the cooking process and is ideal for peeps where time is a constraint. If you’re a pizza lover then you’re in for a delight as you can make crustier pizzas. These microwaves come with a warming component and in addition a fan to flow out the warmed air. It marks in a more thorough, even work of cooking. Then called speed-cook models, these units warranty juicier pot broils and crispier pizzas.

Types of Microwaves

Countertop Microwaves

Countertop microwave is known for gobbling up counter space and focus on
operational limits. There is the cost is reasonable and quite easy to install.
It simply associates to a usual outlet likewise do take a note of
microwave’s space, measurements, limit size.

Over-the-Range Microwaves

It is known as OTRs, and these models free up the counter space. But then
again while they can be vented to the outside, you must not expect an OTR to
vent as well as a range hood. The installation might need an electrician.

Built-In Microwaves

The built-in microwave oven incorporates models that are made just to be
intrinsic, involved incorporated into a wall. The drawers, for instance, can
be put under the Countertop, banishing them from sight lines, and skip out for
simple get to, or can be presented underneath a divider oven. The look is
smooth and synchronized. There are some ledge microwaves can be intrinsic with
a unit.

What to Consider While Buying Microwave


Generally, countertop microwaves are not too expensive in comparison to
others. Pricing is one the most important factor when it comes to making any
buying decision. But since this is one-time investment nay model to be
selected should be based on overall features and budget.

There are many variables to consider when buying any product but it all boils
down to one thing and that is the price. If you have a less budget and are
looking for oven under $100, then you must reflect a countertop style. So
always select oven that has a least of 700 watts and 0.9 to 1.0 cubic feet.

Under $200 or more, you can have a countertop model with convection ability
or  over the range microwave. This is an ideal choice for a veteran
cook. For a constant, built-in Microwave, you should make for a budget within
$500 to $1000.

Space and Location

After budget space and location is another essential component accessible to
you. The countertop models clearly gobble up the counter space. For instance,
if space is a constraint then countertop models is not a good choice as they
cover a lot of space in your kitchen area.

Quick Keys

A 1-min or 30-second key necessitates only a tap to cultivate the preset
cooking time, keeping up any power level was selected. It similarly lets brisk
changes in accordance with your earlier settings—pushing the catch more than
once surges the time growth.


The purpose is the first and the foremost factor is the purpose one must
surely know why in the first place they need to buy a microwave oven. Is it
only reheating the meals? Or do you want to cook? If reheating is all you need
to do with the microwave oven then countertop oven could be your pick. Why do
you need a Microwave oven? What can it help you with? This is the first
question you should ask before buying.

For other purposes, you’ll need more power in terms of Wattage for constancy,
more functionality for even heat circulation, and a greater budget.

How many people are in your home/place?

It goes without saying the more peeps means more serving. If you live in the
small knit family then any microwave oven with 0.9 cubic feet would do.
Though, if you have a large family then you should contemplate the medium
sized 1.0 to 1.4 cubic feet microwave, and if your family comprises of more
than five members then you might need a bigger one.


Usually, microwave ovens are powered by 600 w to 1000W. The more wattage means
more stability. Though, you should know your home’s electric volume. Does your
household have enough electric capacity to handle in this extra depletion? If
your house can hold extra electricity consumption then its fine to go with
bigger power oven otherwise chances are you might face blackout every now or


If you believe in working smart then you what we’re talking about. The
shortcuts not only save time but also offer peace of mind. Generally, most of
the ovens come with 6 to 10 pre-programmed functions. And, the more advanced
models come with additional sensor features that detect meal’s condition.

Safety Lock

Safety comes first especially if you have children in the house, this feature
can save them from any injury. These days, in fact, all the models come with a
safety feature so make sure you check this feature in your selected model
before making any purchasing decision.