Reolink Argus – The Inexpensive Battery Powered Camera

Reolink Argus – The Inexpensive Battery Powered Camera

Do you often feel the need of keeping an eye on your house’s whereabouts? If yes, here we are going to review the Reolink Argus, which is a cheap battery-powered camera that resilient to any kind of weather conditions. Using this wire-free camera, you will be able to set up the camera and leave it there for nearly 180-days without charging. So, if you are often out of your house, this battery-operated camera is going to help you keep an eye on your house both from the inside or outside on the go.

What is Reolink Argus?

Reolink presumes there is a need for another battery-driven security camera. Further, in case they are going to like creating their personal niche inside a niche, they will need to offer the world a different and unique product. At the moment, what they possess is a low-priced home safety camera, which is operational both outdoors and indoors. Not essentially, but, it is marginally poles apart from the competition.

This camera’s weatherproof casing provides you with nearly no placement limitations! You might be able to set up the Reolink Argus security camera on that shelf or the surfaces that are flat, inside your pet’s room, baby’s room, garage, etc., or affix this camera on any wall, that too inside or outdoors.

Reolink Argus – Features

There is a whole assemblage of features or advantages that you get using this battery-operated wire-free camera. A few of the benefits that you can enjoy having the Reolink Argus are namely:


Following that the camera discovers an event, the Reolink Argus comes into operation. It is going to direct a motion image by means of an audio, email, a voice alarm, propel a push notification to your smartphone and prepare a video clip and stores it into the camera’s internal SD Card. You won’t require being concerned regarding your family’s reserved minutes being seized on their way to a random server.

Motion Detection

Precisely, it makes use of a “clever PIR motion detector“. Whilst a slumbering security camera isn’t perfect, it’s needed to assist the camera so as to preserve the life of the battery. In analyzing the other cameras, all that we’ve found is that sleeping might sway away from the home security. Canary Flex, to take an example, is habitually sluggish to get up, and Arlo Guru needs near about 6 minutes to get into working ways every time you might need to get a live video. The Blink certainly has an advantage over the others as it offers a really extended battery life and it is on continuously. We actually don’t comprehend, though, as per their Indiegogo campaign the camera isn’t going to sleep up until any movement is noticed and once it gets one it is going to wake up that second only.

Storing and Access

Initially, you are capable of recording any particular place on the memory card. We generally use the 16GB memory card, which might be able to save the clips for nearly 2 months of steady motion. It is really conceivable to update to as large as a 64GB memory card in case you want to so that it is likely to save nearly above 6-months’ of motion. That is going to provide the thrust of your recording proficiency easily past what the 4 3V battery camera might be able to save.

Quality of Video & Sound

To sum up everything, it’s the finest model. Offering a resolution of 1080p together with 1120-degree angle of view, this camera offers an outstanding precision so that you might perceive the faces in addition to the vehicle’s license plates which at a reasonable distance. The camera records video at 15 fps, so whilst it isn’t going to provide you the charming video quality, it might be capable of offering you an awesome sight of what might be a presentable evidence.

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